Cornell Garden Plots; Release/Waiver

Cornell Garden Plots, Spring 2018

Please read the Release/Waiver and Rules before continuing to the Reservation Forms.

Release/Waiver Agreement

In consideration of my participation in gardening activities on the land provided by Cornell University during the year 2018 growing season I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, legal representatives and assigns, hereby agree

  1. to assume all risks to which I may be exposed while participating in gardening activity on the property of Cornell University, and
  2. to release, indemnify and hold harmless Cornell University, its officers, agents and employees, and the Cornell Garden Plot Committee and all of its volunteers and officers, from any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, causes of action, injuries, damages or costs of any nature or character (including those attributable to the negligence, mistake or failure to act of either Cornell University or the Cornell Garden Plot Committee and all its members) in any way related to, or arising out of, my participation in said gardening activities.
  3. I have read and understood the Cornell Garden Plot Rules, 2018 (see below) and agree to abide by them.
  4. I have entered this agreement voluntarily and fully understand and agree to be legally bound by all of its terms.

Cornell Garden Plot Rules, 2018

Cornell University allows us to use this land without charge. We are grateful for this access. Cornell will be monitoring our use of the land and will revoke their permission if we do not treat it will abundant care. We must ask that you agree, by accepting a plot, to abide by the following rules:

  1. PARKING: Off-road parking is provided at the garden. For safety reasons, we do not allow stopping or parking anywhere along Freese road or in the fields to the West.
  2. PLOTS: Plots will be marked with small stakes at each corner and a larger numbered stake in the center of the plot. Make sure your belongings (including fences) are entirely inside your plot.

    IMPORTANT: Do not extend your fence past the plot markers even if you are a perimeter plot. The paths between plots must be open and maintained so all gardeners can access their plot. More details about path maintenance are provided below.
  3. PLANTS: Gardeners will plant disease-resistant plant varieties where available.
  4. DISEASED PLANTS: All diseased plant material must be promptly removed and discarded off-site (do not compost it or pile it anywhere at the gardens). Take it home and put it in the trash. Allowing diseased plants/leaves to remain in your plot will elicit a warning.
  5. WEEDING: Your plot and the path to the north and east of your plot must be kept neat and not become overrun with weeds. It is critical that weeds are not allowed to flower and set seed. Allowing weeds to cover your plots/path will elicit a warning.
  6. WARNINGS and LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP: You can receive up to two warnings if you are not weeding your plot/path or if you are allowing diseased plants/leaves to remain in your plot. If we find you are not in compliance a third time, you will lose your membership. We will ask you to take your belongings and leave the gardens. Your plot will be mowed. We must do this to keep in compliance with the written agreement we have with Cornell University.
  7. PATHS: Paths must be kept weeded, level and walkable. You are responsible for the paths on the north and east sides of your plot.
    • Do not put rocks from your plot into the paths between plots, dig a trench or remove any soil from the path.
    • If you use cardboard or landscape fabric in the paths for weed control, use landscape pins to hold them down.
    • Do not use large rocks as this is a tripping hazard and makes it difficult to maneuver wheelbarrows.
    • You may not use herbicides to eliminate weeds.
    • You may not use plastic sheets for weed control. All ground covers must be porous and allow water through.
    • Landscape fabric is allowed as long as it is porous and pinned down.
      All landscape fabric must be removed at the end of the gardening season.
    • When using tools to cut weeds, be extremely careful not to damage your neighbors' fences or water lines.
  8. CHEMICALS: NO persistent or toxic chemicals are allowed. Using them effects your neighbors' plots as well as the bees and other beneficial insects.
  9. WATER: Water is our single biggest expense. We pay for all the water we use. NEVER depart the gardens (even for a short while) leaving a water spigot turned on. Turning off your hose is not sufficient, we have had hoses leak or burst when the spigot was left turned on. You must turn the spigot off every time you leave the garden! Do not leave the garden with your hose attached to a spigot unless you have added a splitter so that water is still available for other gardeners without having to remove your hose. Report any leakage in the water lines or spigots to the committee at
  10. COMPOST: Compost is our second biggest expense. We pay for the compost delivered to us. Compost is only for use at the gardens, do not take any home. Take only what you will use in the short term. Do not stockpile compost on your plot. If more compost is needed contact the committee at
  11. START REQUIREMENT: You must begin work on your plot by June 1. After that date we will distribute unused plots to people on a waiting list. lf you can't meet this deadline, contact the committee at
  12. END OF SEASON: Everything of yours except for crops, must be removed from your plot(s) by the end of the 2018 season (Date TBD). This includes, but is not limited to: plant pots, containers, jugs, hoses, tools, string, fencing, posts, bags, boxes, fertilizers, plastic of any kind. If you brought it to the garden, please take it home with you. The field will be plowed sometime in early November. After the end of season date, the garden committee will organize a field cleaning day. We will take down any fences still standing. All materials encountered in your plot after this date will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. We are not responsible for the financial loss that this will be for you.

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